Our day to day diet is one of the most important worldly choices we make on the road of life. Carefully and intelligently selecting quality whole foods and eliminating low energy foods that either over burden or over stimulate our nervous system is the key. Caffeine is probably the most widely used and abused drink on the earth. Generally coffee produces a short term gain, long term risk that along with other modern stressors may drain the body of vital forces.

But…..my grandfather had a coffee business, General Pulaski’s Coffee and my Dad grew up grinding, packing and delivering coffee to Baltimore restaurants. When I was a child, every morning opened with the fragrance of coffee, so to this day, coffee just smells like home and mom and dad. It’s in my blood you could say!

The good news I found is we can still have our coffee and drink it too!

“Farmacy Gourmet Coffee” 8 oz Bags - $11.95
At http://wownow.wholefoodfarmacy.com/2005/ga_home.asp

Welcome to the best coffee you'll ever taste and the most replenishing! This coffee is a delicious, mountain organic coffee grown, fair trade that is roasted to perfection. The whole coffee beans are proprietarily infused with 4 unique, ancient, renowned mushrooms traditionally used to support healthy robust health and build immunity:

• Cordyceps Sinensis
• Ganoderma Lucidum (Reishi)
• Agaricus Blazei
• Coriolus Versicolor

These mushrooms render an even more immediate enjoyment as they create a coffee that does not give a burning sensation. Enjoy a great lift without the jitters. Moderate use of coffee is associated with improved liver function however most commercial coffee is heavily laden with pesticides and herbicides which also cause a bitter after taste. 100% Organic Farmacy Coffee is free of toxins yet is rich and satisfying in flavor. Imagine a coffee with a fresh, clean, amazing aroma! All the joy of drinking coffee without the stomach upset or nervous downside.

COFFEE PLUS! Farmacy Gourmet Coffee is proprietarily infused with 100 mg of organic mushroom extracts per ounce of beans. Each ounce contains a broad spectrum of polysaccharides that scientists are finding to be the active compounds that bring us better health. The magical mushroom extracts synergistically combine to improve immune function and help to increase longevity all the while you are enjoying a taste treat.

Typically organic coffee beans costs about $1 an ounce, for $1.49 an ounce, Farmacy organic mushroom infused coffee provides your natural medicine too!

Testimonial by Char Tara Albert
I learned about Farmacy coffee from Andreas Moritz, author of The Amazing Liver and Gall Bladder Flush and Timeless Secrets of Health & Rejuvenation. Dr. Moritz does not recommend drinking coffee or caffeine but notes in his book that Farmacy Gourmet is beneficial to drink. Farmacy Gourmet Coffee does NOT seem to over stimulate the central nervous system. Caffeine that activates the Sympathetic Nervous response is problematic especially to anyone with chronic illness. In the Sympathetic mode the body’s activity is directed away from digestion, regeneration and detoxification. To maintain a vital state of being, stay rested, calm in mind and heart and build your energetic resources with wise dietary choices. I am so glad I took a chance and discovered this scrumptious gold standard in coffee beans, my father would be amazed and pleased!

TO PURCHASE COFFEE: Visit my new WOW NOW store: http://wownow.wholefoodfarmacy.com/2005/ga_home.asp
Click on Products, then Wholefood Beverages, scroll to the last item on the page

While visiting my Wholefood Farmacy site check out the awesome line up of superfoods, natural soups, healthy weight loss aides and raw food delights, incredible! Phi Plus, at $7.50 for an 8 oz. bag is an affordable, yummy whole food snack so you can be on the go fueled by premium nutrition! Look under the Whole Food menu, Phi comes in many flavors from cranberry to chocolate. Everything is delicious, including the Fruitalicious Mix; you can also buy sample packs and try lots of flavors. Life is good, have fun exploring and enjoying!

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