WaveDancz is a dynamic movement system encouraging the full expression of vital energy through the physical, emotional and mental body. Guided exercises use rhythm to facilitate tuning into one’s heart, its needs, cries, joys and unexpressed passions. The movements are practiced “whole-heartedly” with careful listening skills to encourage a state of radical aliveness and body-mind oneness. Continually opening to greater and greater flows of energy creates a flushing effect where by repressed emotional or mental material is released. With letting go comes increased sensation, feelings of renewal and enjoyment. Activation of the five senses and appreciation is an enlivened state of being that opens the door to being fully awake and accepting ourselves.

WaveDancz is not a performing art, where the ego can shine or suffer, although this type of practice is excellent for training as a performer. WaveDancz is best for traveling into the dimensions of the unconscious, the hidden aspects of personality, dreams and desires. The direction of focus is within for self discovery, self healing and removal of obstacles impeding success. Instead of investing energy in looking good, one can relax and shift gears into a deeper, more relaxed brain wave state, a state of “non-ordinary” consciousness. These expanded states, outside of normal awareness, have been described as blissful states of contentment.

While the practice is taught in a class or workshop, the grander perspective is how WaveDancz principles can be practiced at home and be applied to every aspect of typical life. Everyday actions from brushing your teeth to driving your car are a dance on the sublime wave of energy, folding, unfolding, concealing, revealing, falling and rising. This pulsation of life, cycle upon cycle in the seen and unseen world, is evolving simultaneously. We normally are only conscious of a small piece of the spectrum, like the tip of an iceberg, yet we all have the ability and right to participate with a larger perspective.

Does this sound far out? Quantum physics suggests that atoms are not “things” they are merely thoughts oscillating in and out of known manifestation or as the popular movie, What the Bleep Do We Know expresses, energy is constantly bleeping in and out of the measureable, tangible dimension. A physicist in the movie asks “where does it (the quantum particle) go when is disappears?” Is our manifest world just the perceivable part of a vast ocean of conscious life? I believe we are each one drop in the ocean of pulsating life and innately connected to the entire universe of creation. Quantum physics explains that each particle is a hologram of the whole, that everything that ever was is recorded in the fraction. Could it be possible that we have access to universal wisdom, to the infinite, and to a power greater than even our wildest imagination?


If we take the path of giving ourselves in complete and utter abandonment for an hour or two of “practice” we may notice how much our five senses expand and enjoy the increased velocity of life energy grooving through us. We may sense this energy forging new channels, breaking us out of our mechanistic ruts. Personality defense mechanisms get entrenched during times of stress but often the mind has difficulty letting go even after the trauma has passed. As we become more present we realize we have the choice to release these old patterns. An inner splendor awaits us, a wider sphere. As a being wide open, there is the possibility of seeing the light and hearing the celestial melodies of the inner dimensions. WaveDancz is a self evident science and retrains the brain to flow with grace and velocity so that awareness of everything that is can open even while remaining fully awake and cognizant.

“Dancz-It” is a term I created that explains how even if you are contracting in a doubtful state of mind and feel stuck; you can immediately shift your attitude and remember to enjoy the moment. Simply accept what is happening, stop resisting the experience and choose to dance, to flow, to engage with the situation in your own being. Be inquisitive, childlike and explore what is there for you to learn. Increase the volume of your breath and become more acutely aware of your five senses. A fun WaveDancz tool is to sing a song which expresses the precise emotions you need to clear and counter balance yourself. WaveDancz methods are curative and help to reduce analysis and stimulate the feeling body.

Our luscious, loving heart holds the key to relieve not only our own suffering, but that of others. Instead of adding to the burden of life we can all turn our struggles into gifts to help other people, animals and the Earth. The process starts with intention, opening to knowledge plus courage to expand beyond our self made boundaries and try something new.

If we are surrounded by negative people or circumstances Danczing-It will really shake up the energy and change the relational equation! A radical dose of passion, embracing the current situation just as it is, loving the moment with perhaps a dash of humor and silliness thrown in, has the power to slice like a silver sword through even the most entrenched and dense dysfunctional patterns of human relationships. New and more effective communications can arise from this fertile ground of creativity. We have the power to shift any and all arenas of conflict.


WaveDancz exercises utilize traditional Yoga movements called Asanas, in the Sanskrit language, for the many established health and mental benefits, increased mobility and strength, endocrine balance, calming the nerves, focusing the mind and improving sleep. WaveDancz movements oscillate between still and rhythmic undulating actions resembling dance. Breathing techniques are highly emphasized and often combined with vocalization, affirmations and song. Songs or short musical sequences are used to explore the emotional body for signs of congestion. Affirmations are spoken to guide the mental process and train the brain to achieve desired outcomes. The WaveDancz Sonic Rainbow Exercise includes the visualization of color moving on the upward and downward flows of breath and vocal practice. Outward illustrations are sometimes used to assist inner visualization.

Historical records show that Asanas have been practiced for thousands of years. Each Asana is akin to an ancient architecture comprised of a precise mathematical equation in form and design. It is my experience that the geometric pattern of each Asana exists in thought form which I as statues of light. My sense is that thousands of years of Asana practice have installed the poses as real archetypes on the subtle level, like hollow statues, to be accessed as vehicles, a space craft if you will, to climb into for learning, inner travel and expansion of consciousness. Experiencing the wisdom of each Asana is ever fresh as the body continually unfolds like a flower opens to receive the sunlight.

The structure of each Asana causes energy to flow with greater volume along certain lines as blood, lymph, fluids and energy expand or are compressed. Each Asana also has a focal point where energy tends to flow out of and returns to. WaveDancz acknowledges the presence of energy centers named chakras by ancient Yogi’s. The WaveDancz system increases the spinning vortex nature of these energy centers which correlate with critical nerve junctures in the central nervous system thus increasing circulation and sensation.

Through continued practice, I came to discover that moving into a headstand pose for instance felt like sliding my muscles and skeleton into an energy glove. I sensed that the form was already there in an unseen dimension and I would simply line up my physical body and energy centers into the precise structure. This requires a heightened sensitivity since precise skeletal alignment is critical to overall ease and stability. In this way I have been able to transcend previous limitations and move my body into challenging poses while remaining vibrant, relaxed and pain free.

I do not lay claim to these writings as totally my own, this wisdom is drawn from many sources and teachers, both those in physical embodiment and those invisible. I do take credit for my dedication to years of daily practice of the principles of dance, yoga and movement (since 1970) and being open to experiment and receive new information. I am certain that the wild willingness and outrageousness of my character suited me for this pioneering work. A psychic once told me that my inner guides acknowledged my unlimited nature.

My offering to the world is an artfully designed combination of breath, sound, color, movement and thought practiced in a celebratory fashion. This blended approach magnifies the benefits of the Yogic Asanas, raising the experience up into a passionate dance while exploring and noticing how all relationships show up within. In India, these relationships with energy itself are described as how we relate to God or universal creator. We either love or resist Mother/Father God, Sister/Brother God, and God as Friend, Lover and Child. The only smart choice is to trust and love your self and your life as it is!


The WaveDancz Asanas are “sounded” with various pitches, dynamics, rhythms and feelings while holding creative visualizations and intentions.

Bringing an idea into reality is a process of creation which begins with pure thought. A creative sequence used in WaveDancz is:

1. Yearning – a broad need or desire
2. Idea – more specific desire with more details
3. Intention – moving the idea into action with commitment
4. Heart – connecting with one’s dream with joy and passion
5. Breath – consciously breathing and circulating an aim in the body
6. Word – expressing a goal in conversation or writing creative words
7. Affirmation – saying an intention or praying to effect reality
8. Song – singing or chanting an intention enhances the power of the word with rhythm, pitch, breath and dynamics which create mood.
9. Movement – solidifies and anchors ideas into the physical realm
The combination of mind, heart, movement, song and visualization is both fun and highly effective. Presto, change-o, can work like magic!


1. Opening to greater possibility and one’s infinite spirit
2. Setting intention, right use of mind
3. Movement into pose, alignment and holding for 5+ breaths
4. Rhythmic undulation of pose coordinated with breath
5. Sounding the Asana with humming, vowels, or tunes
6. Relaxing in stillness to allow for revelation to be known.

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