Multi-level Marketing Companies - MLM's:
A Commentary by Char Tara Albert

In 1974 I joined my first multi-level company, Sunasu, a pioneering company selling the first ever vitamin, mineral and herb formulation in cellophane packets. It was a phenomenally energizing produce which I sold successfully for seven years. Next I joined Dr. Christopher Hills, a scientist who brought Spirulina to the forefront. For 14 years I marketed Light Force Products, selling the green stuff long before it showed up in grocery stores. By then I had developed a strong customer base and I added Kaire Pycnogenol, an antioxidant from pine trees for its strong anti-inflammatory properties. I enjoyed a steady income for some 28 years and loved the flexible hours as I cared for my family and raised three sons during this time frame!

In 1998 I came to work for Dr. Floyd Taub, founder of the Taurox™ Companies and I put aside MLM as a career. I was employed as Director of Corporate Communications and involved in fund-raising along with research and product development. To this day I remain committed primarily to the expansion of Taurox.

In 2007 I re-entered network marketing after I learned of the remarkable mercury and toxin removal properties of Waiora liquid zeolite, trademarked as Natural Cellular Defense. Liquid Zeolite beautifully compliments Taurox usage. Waiora is a MLM company.

MLM companies put into action a principle I wholeheartedly agree with, small business people supporting small business people helping to channel money into the grass roots of our economy where it makes the most difference in people’s lifestyle. However, by 2007, MLM had become an internet-based big business venture and this presented new opportunities and new challenges. As you know the advent of the internet has changed the playing field of most business so here are some of my thoughts on MLM’s today.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Multi-Level Marketing Companies

~ MLM’s who sell health products often offer higher quality and unique formulas but the cost tends to be higher than other type internet marketed offerings.

~ Some companies require a fee to receive the lowest price, some don’t. You can choose to deal strictly with companies that offer the same low price to consumers and distributors. Signing up for Auto Ship arrangements usually saves money or shipping costs.

~ If you are simply looking to buy excellent products and not wanting to get involved in the business aspect realize that most MLM will send a ton of marketing emails to market their business opportunity. Naturally you can unsubscribe if uninterested.

~ The MLM industry is far more competitive than ever and there is the additional competition from look-alike products available through more price competitive, non MLM companies and on eBay.

~ If you do decide you want to operate a MLM type home business, make sure the person you are signing under is enthusiastic, knowledgeable, committed and willing to support you.

~ MLM’s require some capital to play. Generally there is some minimum monthly purchase of $100 or more to receive bonuses. Sales aids, special websites, conferences and other business tools require money.

~ If you do a MLM business you will realistically need to set aside both some time and space in order to develop it. An appropriate office space is needed and some organization.

~ Income can be substantial and that is why people get involved. However, the vast majority of distributors earn a modest income, they break even or spend more than they earn statistically. So be realistic and become involved primarily because you personally appreciate the products or services.

~ MLM compensation plans tend to be mathematically complex and may take time to figure out. Some people with highly logical minds love it while others are confused. You can still play the MLM game even if you don’t understand all the rules but not as effectively of course. MLM companies also have the right to change the rules and they do, which you may or may not like.

~ Excitement for different companies peak and subside every year, the MLM market can be trendy and volatile. Interest can swing wildly. Select a company with some history and a proven track record that has already survived its’ own set up costs and growth pains.

~ It is fantastic that you can receive a business education by attending seminars and other events geared to help MLM distributors succeed all while deducting the expense.

~ Many companies are going international. That may be a turn on to some who want to travel and write off business expenses or could be a turn off in how it can complicate life.

~ Tax Savings! One of the best reasons to operate a home business is to realize tax savings which can be deducted on the Schedule C.

~ Lifestyle! Folks I know who are successful in MLM companies enjoy a lifestyle most hunger for with time for their families and control over their own time and destiny. They travel, feel free and do work they love


Therefore it is my recommendation to use network or multi-level marketing type rewards as a hobby or second income that supports a stable, already established full time income through other means. I know of people who were once earning large MLM bonuses and watched it collapse. Some people go bankrupt this way. These non-brick-and-mortar style business structures are very volatile.

If you are lacking in time, money or energy, focus on the MLM products versus the business. Buy products or services that are clearly extraordinary for you and even though they maybe costly you are genuinely pleased with the value for your money. Consider carefully before investing your money, time or reputation in promoting any business opportunities. Remember the market is flooded with opportunities; many people are overwhelmed with being pitched. Statistically, the majority either break even or lose money in these ventures. It’s a game, a gambling game.

If you are adequately capitalized, have extra time plus pure passion for the MLM products or service then select a strong company you can trust with people you love to work with. In this field, opportunities come and go, empires rise and fall but the important thing I believe, is to not lose focus upon the primary goals of personal peace and joy. Observe any situation in which you feel pressured to “get in now”.

Stay tuned to your own happiness, health and financial balance and listen to your gut feelings before proceeding in all matters. Life is a learning experiment. It is my intention to be an inspiration to others, to you, my reader in your journey towards ever expanding robust wellness and measureable financial harmony.




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