The 5 P’s of Prosperity –
Infinite Growth Network Inner Plan

    1. Practice - Daily practice builds energy and makes Perfect.

    2. Purpose - We must remember our unique Purpose, knowing this is built into us and only requires unveiling. Once clear, we think and speak our Purpose through declarations and daily speech. Our actions must stay true to Purpose. What is “ours to do” must match our unique Purpose in order to be supported by the greater creative Power.

    3. Presence - A discipline whereby we gather our energies and direct them with Precision into the laser stream of “Now Time” towards our Purpose. This requires the body, mind and heart to detoxify and let go of past habits and traumas. Useful tools include Yoga, transformative movement, meditation, dance, nature, singing and detoxification.

    4. Power - Once aligned with higher Purpose and Presence we turn up the juice and jettison from the routine frequency we are used to into a less limited state of consciousness. Practicing Purpose and Presence first insures that our Passionate Power takes us to the place we want to go and helps us to avoid distractions from our primary life goal. Power is akin with the male or yang element to achieve, in Sanskrit called Stirha, steady firmness for outward drive mode.

    5. Peace - Finally the task is to open to Peace. Love blossoms naturally. This requires trusting and knowing that having laid the proper foundation with our aligned Purpose, 100% Presence and Purified Power we can RELAX and allow the manifestation to unfold organically without the interference of fear and doubt. This requires belief and surety that we are opening to something greater than our individual self, of contributing on a larger level and some awareness of connection to the web of life called the Unified Field in Quantum Physics. Peace is an aspect of the female or Yin element of creation, in Sanskrit called Sukha, easy openness for inward drive mode.