Botanical Drink Fuels Stamina while Detoxifying the Body

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Exfuze Seven+ contains extracts, not concentrates, which makes the 1 oz daily serving more nutrient dense and powerful in effect than other functional drinks. A 1 oz recommended daily serving has 16,062 ORAC (antioxidant value).

Seven+ Contains a full dose of seven extraordinary ingredients:

  1. 1. Fucoidan is a glyconutrient from brown seaweed. Over 675 clinical studies in allergies, Alzheimer's,
    1. AIDS, diabetes and cardiovascular. Resembles the nutrition in breast milk. Anti-inflammatory and strong detoxification
  2. 2. GAC is a seed used by the Chinese for medicine. Contains 70 times more lycopene than tomatoes
    1. and 10 times more beta-carotene than carrots. Assists in cellular rejuvenation and supports the
    2. vascular system
  3. 3. Seabuckthorn contains beneficial flavanoids and Omega Complexes 3,6.7 & 9. Nature's multi
    1. vitamin & mineral, combats free radicals
  4. 4. Noni is an adaptogenic fruit used by Polynesians, strong anti-inflammatory properties and was
    1. shown to lower cholesterol among smokers
  5. 5. Mangosteen is loaded with Xanthones providing cardiovascular benefits, may help hypertension
    1. and thrombosis
  6. 6. Goji is a Tibetan berry with 19 amino acids and rich in beta-carotene, vitamin C, B and E. Boosts energy
  7. 7. Acai is proclaimed as a superfood with anti-bacterial actions and more than 16 anti-oxidants
    1. and phytonutrients along with a nearly perfect amino acid complex. Superior essential fatty acid blend.

Additional Ingredients include:
Pomegranate is a rich source of anti-oxidants and polyphenols (ellagic acid)
Aloe is a powerful glyconutrient which supports the immune system
Structured water is used because it is found in the cytoplasm of healthy tissues.
This makes all the nutrients more soluble with a high pH.

Flavored with a grape base, no sugar added, all organic grown or certified or wild crafted, packed in glass, no potassium benzoate added. Very refreshing.

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Testimonial by Char Tara Albert

I drank my first ounce of Exfuze Seven+ when I was in a weakened health condition and had developed a systemic staff infection. Several weeks past and after using all my knowledge of natural remedies and taking several rounds of antibiotics yet still being very ill, I gave Seven+ a try. I was very worried. I began to feel the immune boosting effect within 30 minutes. Most of my energy restored over the next 3 days. Within a week, most of my symptoms abated and I returned to wellness. My skin cleared up, I took no further medications and the infection never returned.

I notice Exfuze has anti-inflammatory and anti-viral effects, giving my body more strength and joy to enjoy life. I sleep better which others report also. I live in Vero Beach, Florida. A local family founded Exfuze and formulated Seven+. They are good people and I have met a number of local folk who had serious diseases like cancer that say with exuberance that Seven+ supported them back to health. Famous athletes promote Exfuze for pain relief from old injuries. It’s a small price at $35 per bottle for a big benefit. Seven+Pro costs $40 and contains the added ingredients of eleutherococcus (an adaptogen) and astragalus (a flavanoid immune-protecting herb) plus extra Fucoidan. I love both formulas but find the Pro to be even more energizing. Either way, Seven+ botanical formulas are a tasty, affordable and a quick 1 oz. shot a day way to increase natural resistance and vitality.

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