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I align with Earth Turns goal to bring no hype products to Americans, made by Americans. We can reform health care and our economy one purchase at a time. Earth Turns has researched all the products they offer, screening them for both purity and value. Run by a family team, they are extremely nice helpful people to deal with.

Badger Products, Toms of Maine, Dee Cee Labs, Earth Mama Angel Baby, Drucker Labs, All One, Enzymatic Therapy, Larabar, Frequency Foods and so much more, all made in America, of course!

Product Highlights
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Organic Excellence Alcohol Free Hair Styling Spray 8 oz.
Helps to restore oil follicles, oil glands and scalp to its healthy natural state. Almost all hair sprays are loaded with alcohol which dehydrates the hair and scalp. Expect glorious results.

Vermont Soap Organic Produce Wash 16 oz
We live in a culture obsessed with cleanliness but neglect to properly remove soot, germs and chemical pesticides and herbicides from our fruits and vegetables. This formula is made with all organic oil cleaners. Safe and effective.

Vermont Castile Soap Lemongrass Zen 8oz
Natural blend of organic coconut, olive, jojoba, rosemary extract, aloe vera and essential oils. A wondrous natural cleaner for body and home I hear.

Ultimate Body Scrub Hazelnut Coffee 8oz
All organic, super smoothing, luxurious exfoliants with stimulating coffee beans and natural oils to wake up your skin in the morning. Leaves skin soft, supple and radiant. Must be experienced to believe the fun!

Vaxa Adapt 10 Rare Plants 1 month supply/60 ml
Specialized plant extracts discovered by Russian scientists seeking to improve performance in athletes. Adaptogens are designed to help lower cortisol levels, reduce stress, boost immunity and increase memory and strength. Prolonged illness and or mental stress can keep cortisol levels dangerously high causing feelings of anxiety, tension, un-reality, increasing heart rate and decreasing mineral levels. Users report a more relaxed heart pace and sleeping more peacefully. Is said to take effect in 15 minutes or under for blessed relief.

Green Dogs Naturals Healthy Motion 150g pouch (30-60 day)
Helps ease joint discomfort in dogs while improving mobility and strength. Made with ocean sourced glucosamine, chondroitin, green lipped mussels, MSM and omega acids. Proprietary organic antioxidant blend plus herbs will help put the leap back into lassie.

Green Dogs Omega Glo Coat 3-6-9 12 oz
Fresh catch fish oils and organic flax is good for dogs and puppies for a gleaming coat plus can help reduce shedding and itching. High in alpha linoleic acid for heart health. Take your dog up to the show level with optimal nutrition.

Omega Masticating Juicer (See site for discounted price, plus generous warranty!)
Wheat grass, fruit and vegetable juicer is the tool of choice for the juice aficionado. Gear turns at a low 80 rpm which ensures that enzymes are not destroyed and prevents foam build up. Anyone, anyone who wants to preserve or rebuild their health, should be juicing! Supreme health benefits far exceed what can be derived from supplements. provides FREE SHIPPING in the Continental USA.

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