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Learn to practice skillful, muscular wave-like actions to align the physical, mental and emotional bodies with the dream of our inner-most luminous self. In this exploration, blocked energy is released and rewoven with awareness of our heart’s destiny. The natural pulsating, wave-like nature of pranic energy is enhanced and accentuated for physical and spiritual renewal and joyous expansion. Sing and breathe in rhythm- feel glory! Celebrate and fold forward - honor the Divine Mother with breath and song!


Tuning into the inner sound and dynamic flow of breath allows our authentic, soul-inspired speaking and singing voice to emerge. Our heart-felt dreams emerge! First the inner sound, a sweet humming within, what scientists call bone conduction, begins to unveil the layers that hide the glowing core of soul-self. Listening to this inner sound, what Yogis call Nada, tunes our attention inward and deliciously upwards. This sound is heard as vibration and is in harmony with the pulse of this planet and the entire universe; summed up and recorded in our bones. Listening and attuning to this “sound of bones” plus joining our inner and outer self helps to activate the Parasympathetic Nervous Response, the relaxation response. Lowered brain waves open the door to enter non-ordinary states of expanded consciousness. Guided visualization reminds us to watch the inner screen of awareness which reveals the dream track where our starlit soul is already expanding and playing happily. We then, as a team, follow that SPARKLE!

Pranayama breathing, overtone chanting and sonic meditations are transmitted directly in this workshop. Overtone chanting is known to stimulate the emission of endorphins and give rise to ecstatic states of being. Practical explanations on how to align the skeleton, expand the rib cage, tone the pelvic floor, relax the throat and nasal passages, all this and more will be covered. These practices are preliminaries to learning the art of awakening the harmonic "resonant voice" and channeling sound and breath as a creative thread which weaves our dreams into reality. Comes with a handout for mastery at home.


Other Workshops:

Chakra Tune-Up - 2 Hour Workshop
FunYasanas for each chakra include yogic postures, specific sounds, colors, breathing techniques and vocal focal points. Specific Bandhas, yogic locks, are learned as tools to concentrate, accelerate and cleanse the chakras.

Yoga Nidra - 2 Hour Workshop
Restorative Yoga relieves the physiological condition known as "Fight or Flight Response" by activating the Parasympathetic Nervous System. The practice slows down the brainwaves in preparation for entering the deeply rejuvenating Yoga Nidra state, drawing one closer to the source and cure of conditioning.

Sonic Therapy - 1 & 1/2 Hour Workshop
Vocal techniques are taught for expanding the range, ease and dynamics of the voice while practicing yogic movements. Vowels which resonate with each chakra and color imagery are used to stir the Kundalini energies within. Practice includes use of popular songs and dancing to access and release various emotions for healing, forgiveness and enjoyment.

Conscious Eating - 2 & 1/2 Hour Workshop
Enjoy a therapeutic potluck event that explores the relationship to one's body and food. This is a hand’s on experience to align our health and our relationship to food with our highest ideals.

YugaTara - 4 Hour Workshop
A full workout for the body, mind and heart, a combination of Chakra Tune-Up, Sonic Therapy & Yoga Nidra Practice.

Wild Wavy Woman - 2 Hour Workshop
A shortened version of YugaTara to help clear and energize the woman ready to engage her power and intuition without limitation, with courage, balance and a dynamic voice!

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