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Vero Beach, Florida
Cost: $70 – 1.5 hour

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WaveDancz teaches skillful wave-like actions to align the physical, mental and emotional bodies with the wisdom of the inner most essential self. In this exploration, blocked energy is released and one faces the dark and light side of thoughts and emotions. Women, usually more sensitive emotionally, often find it hard to keep their hearts open in this modern stressful time and may fall into patterns of addiction, overeating, anxiety or depression. Endocrine imbalances and weight issues are often a sign of energetic constrictions. Taking prescription hormones or diet aides may provide immediate relief and energy but ultimately weaken the body and do not address the root emotional causes. WaveDancz utilizes traditional and innovative methods to restore energy flow and endocrine balance. Postural alignment, creative movement, yoga, imagination, aimed intention and unique vocal techniques strongly activate the unlimited power within to clear old blocks. The emphasis is on pulsation, the complimentary actions of expansion and contraction which break free rivers of vigor and heighten the five senses, leading to a more enlivened state. Yogic Asanas are a sacred geometric art-form, practiced to sculpt the body you desire. The workshop is fired with an abundance of high frequency music designed to ignite passion. The wind of conscious breathing is the key which accelerates and activates higher consciousness in the brain.

Part 1 – Breath, Voice & Creating the Body as Temple of Sound
Tuning into the inner sound and breath allows the authentic voice to emerge. The sound itself begins to unveil the layers that hide the essential self. To liberate the voice and make contact with the deeper levels of the Self, various techniques of breathing, overtone chant and sonic meditations will be practiced. Overtone chanting is known to stimulate the emission of endorphins and give rise to non-ordinary states of consciousness. Techniques on how to open the lungs, throat and nasal passages to generate dynamic sound, channel sound, create resonance and harmonics plus how to direct sound will be practiced.

Part 2 – Breath, Voice and Movement – Artistically Rejoining Body, Mind and Spirit
A dynamic sequence of yogic poses, dance moves, vocal exercises and techniques to ignite color in the imagination and fire in the female pelvic center is designed to transport participants over the edge of the ordinary into uncharted, new territory, the land of the magical and ecstatic self. The yogic sequence begins with Asanas known to activate the endocrine glands in the base of the body and moves upward.

Part 3 – The Emergence and Journey of the Ecstatic Self

Free form expressive dancing, then yogic restorative poses prepares the way to dive into trance. The enhanced blood circulation and increased lymph movement, the power and peace that is now stirring is used as fuel for the inner journey, to stay fully present, still and quiet. With the mind sweetly at ease, all is ready for a prolonged dip into the ocean of bliss, to descend through the layers of the personality, dropping into alpha and theta brain wave states and simply be. Lovely lullabies will gently and beautifully escort participants back to the outside world to begin life with renewed vitality and peace of mind.


About Char Tara:

Char Tara began her yoga practice in 1973. She received Iyengar-style yoga training through Bob Glickstein and Roger Cole, Ph.D., and completed one year of Yoga Teacher Training through Lillah Schwartz of Lighten Up Yoga. Artistically trained in visual media, dance movement and vocal expression, Char Tara expressed her creativity as a natural food chef, roving mime and jewelry artist while raising three sons. As a committed proponent to the art and science of longevity, Char Tara offers natural products and services to regenerate and detoxify the body. She is co-inventor of Homeopathic Taurox™, a nationally distributed, clinically researched compound proven to reduce fatigue and symptoms of allergies, colds and flu. Currently Char Tara markets Taurox at while teaching yoga, sound healing and nutrition.


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