WaveDancz Flower Breath by Char Tara

By practicing the WaveDancz Flower Breath, with full awareness anchored in the present moment, we can harmonize our energy with the natural ebb and tide of the cycles of life. Like the flow of the ocean’s wave, this creates a flushing or cleansing effect on energy in our central nervous system so we may have an ever increasing sense of ample energy and abundance.

On the outward, extending wave of inhalation, the central nervous system is visualized as a flower which radiates power, light and beauty into the entire cosmos, the macrocosm. On the wave of the exhalation, the peace and presence of the cosmos is visualized as returning to the flower, drawn deep into the core of the spinal column, and into the microcosm, the very center of the brain. Breathing in and out with this visualization facilitates balancing the forces of power and peace, action and non-action, doing and letting be, practicality and mysticism, in one’s being while feeling a connection to one’s inner dimension.


1. Visualize: There are energy centers which are receivers and transmitters of electrical and subtle energy, located along the spinal column that correlate with nerve plexus. The ancient Yogi’s called these chakras. See your central nervous system as a flower. See the base of your sacrum and your lower back as the root of the plant, embedded in the earth, full of the fire of earth force. Imagine this energy as a mandala of red, orange and yellow energy which feeds your physical system and accesses energy from the potent fire in the center of the earth. See your mid and upper back and your throat like the stem and leaves of the plant. Finally imagine your head as a flower blossom, a mandala of swirling blue and purple hues.

2. Oceanic Breathing: This type breathing is called deep throat breathing, “psychic breath” or Ujjiyi breathing by Yogi’s. A calming effect occurs. Breathe in slowly and create a soft hissing or aspirant noise in the back of the throat similar to snoring but done consciously. Practice this throughout the exercise in order to activate the Parasympathetic Nervous System or relaxation response. The Parasympathetic Nervous System has nerve fibers in the back of the throat and neck and at the base of the spine which are stimulated by Oceanic Breathing. Practice the snoring sound for a more breaths. Begin your Flower Breath with a complete exhalation.

3. Inhalation: With your next inhalation muscularly draw your energy toward the midline of your body and pull energy up the spine, from the root center, the fire Mandala of the pelvic region, up through your middle back and heart area, the stem of the flower and into your head, the flower blossom. Create a steady contraction of the muscles at the base of your pelvic floor throughout inhalation to drive the internal energy up the stem of the flower, similar to a plant drinking water and nutrients from the earth. Visualize the breath as white or colored light. See this potent beam illuminating all it contacts and allow your cells tingle.

4. Fullness of Inhalation Pointers: At the same time, relax the intercostals muscles of the rib cage allowing the ribs to expand in all directions out from the center of the mid and upper back area. Be sure to fill the lungs from the bottom up, first filling the lower lobes of the lungs, the mid lungs and finally lifting and spreading the clavicle area of the chest which makes space for the upper lungs to receive oxygen. This is an action of abducting the rib muscles or moving away from bodily midline. See the stem of your flower being nourished and filling up with light. In order to inhale to a healthy capacity the upper lobes of the lung must fully inflate which requires more muscular action at the end of the inhalation.

5. Energy Center Locks: Once your lungs are completely full of air, hold the inhalation and muscular abduction for a few seconds and drive the energy of the breath up into the head area, allowing the flower blossom mandala to illuminate. Release any tension or resistance in the skull muscles allowing Prana to fully penetrate the brain. Allow the inner pressure of the head to deflate like a balloon or to empty like the sand in an hourglass. This further relaxes the skull and concentrates your intention toward the midline of the brain and to flow upward. Extend your stream of energy a few inches above your head and visualize your flower blossoming suddenly bursting into a radiant display of fireworks. From this powerful center, allow the radiance of your flowering higher consciousness to blossom and shine out to the Earth, into space and touching all realms of existence. Sense your connection with the whole, the macrocosm.

6. Exhalation: After the pause, exhale and release air in a gentle controlled manner, and allow the walls of the skull to softly expand while the energy from the flower showers colorful shimmering light downward. See the rain of sparkles cascading down from the skull, melting away all tension and feeding the body with nourishment. Imagine your inner body extending itself, dancing with colors ablaze all about you. Completely relax, slowly adducting, or moving all muscular energy back toward the center of your body. Feel peace and presence, relief and harmony refueling your central nervous system and your energy centers. Notice the decent of the energy, penetrating into the core of your spinal column, back into your flower stem, deep into the most interior part of your brain and completing in the root center. Rest in the light, allowing any desires to do anything, fix your life or go into the past or future in your mind to dissolve.

7. Fullness of Exhalation Pointers: The key is to release and fully let go with your mind, emotions and muscles while keeping the breath steady, smooth and without aggressive effort. At the very end of the end of the out breath, pause slightly and press the navel toward the spine, thus further emptying the lungs. Full exhalation requires more muscular power at the very end. Save energy for the final pulling in of the navel. In Oceanic Breathing, it is important to pause in between inhalation and exhalation and keep the breathing slow and steady without aggression. Slow, steady inhalation, slow, steady exhalation is the key. Many people experience a sense of timelessness and vastness of space in the pausing phase. Rest in peace.

Outer Dimension and Inner Dimension - A message to everyone.
The vastness of the physical universe is reflected within. We know from science that our cosmos contains few objects (planets, stars, etc) in relation to “empty” space. Our inner dimension is also full of infinite space and yes, a few objects which we tend to become overly attached to. This over-fixation to objects, to the point where we believe we have no space in our life, no time, no breathing room is the cause of all suffering as Buddha once said. The complaint of always being too busy and never having enough time, is all an illusion, there is no limit to time and space. Yes we live in a finite world with finite boundaries but as infinite sparks of the original creative force we are granted the privilege of accessing the infinite level of limitlessness. Naturally we learn this a little bit at time, only at the rate by which we can integrate this wisdom safely into our lives.

Our breath can teach us that participating in all aspects of the full cycle of life, with all its ebbs and tides, ups and downs, yin and yang, loosens up our fixations and we can enjoy more freedom even while living in this finite world. This requires dropping judgments and labels upon things. We can simply open to something bigger than wherever we are right now by taking in more breath than we normally do, This changes the dynamic of our existence instantaneously. I became fascinated once I learned this truth, it works like magic. Only by emptying fully in our exhalation, do we create space in our life to fully receive. This is the key to all detoxification protocols. On the biological level, 70% of daily detoxification occurs through the lungs. Increasing the efficiency of our breathing mechanism and breathing consciously is the best medicine I know of. It’s free too!

There is magic in the pausing phase of breath too. By taking the time to pause between transitions, be sensitive and deeply feel, we ground our self, our perspective can broaden, freedom is felt. The great Earth Mother, which the Yogi’s called Shakti, she breaths us. Breathing occurs automatically as a function of the reptile brain. Conscious breathing originates in the higher brain and thus awakens higher awareness and more positive emotional states. Trust and release of anxiety is essential to participate in life with beauty and grace.

Oceanic Breathing lowers the brain waves from Beta (waking) into Alpha, and possibly Theta or Delta brain waves which are very rejuvenating. Adding the visualization helps to keep the mind focused and tuned inward. While we maintain full consciousness in a relaxed or light sleep state, we learn an important aspect of mental mastery. Traditionally this is called Yoga Nidra or Sleep of the Yogis. In a light trance state one can better change old belief patterns, let go of physical attachments from the past and travel into the sacred space of “nowtime”. Regular practice of Flower Breathing relieves stress and one can experience first hand the bliss of non-ordinary states of consciousness.


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