Here and WOW! - The Art of Delight - by Char Tara Albert

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The WOW writings sprouted naturally, like flowers from heaven, through my own devotional yoga practice that I call WaveDancz™ Transformational Movement. As these "flowers writings", which began in 2006, continued to voluminously sprout daily, a whole rainbow garden collected around me that caused me to explain WOW!

Overview and Excerpts:

Section 1 - Here and Wowland
I open by telling what I see, hear and feel in the inner and outer dimension of Wowland. The expression of the expansive state of "WOW" is very now, implicitly and delightfully now. I wonder how many times a day on this planet the word "Wow" is expressed? I am one voice upon this wave of WOW expansion. I write of the terrain, the landscape that I sense in the state of WOW and how WOW is being constantly created on the inner planes of existence. I affectionately call this place, Wowland. With my inner senses I perceive the gardens, spaces and music of heavenly Wowland. Wowland is simply a less physical point of view that is building as we speak the WOW word. Wowland is a focal point of consciousness in the ethers.

Section 2 - 100% Being
100% being is the art of delight, simply being full present now with only necessary or highly conscious thought. 100% Being is a space where there is less mind tagging behind or leaping forward. What are the signs of not being at the 100% level and what can we do? The process can start with our connection with the sensation of our inner body and our intention. Spiritual food is offered, renewed perceptions (since nothing is really new), prayers and affirmations to savor the journey. The factor of "Funlocity" is revealed!

Section 3 - WaveDancz™ Games
WaveDancz™ Transformative Movement is a modern yogic art that utilizes traditional asanas (poses) with mindfulness techniques plus a focus on healing oneself with sound and visualization. Emphasis is on being acutely aware and reveling in the flow of the breath and the dance of the body mind while awakening to inner spaciousness. Of course this is what yoga already is defined as but in this novel presentation you may break out of some molds and find the artist within to conjure your own magic.

Section 4 - The Art of Ascension
Greek philosopher Plato of ancient Greece encouraged art to be blended into all pursuits of learning. The creative art of personal transformation coupled with non-resistance to what is, a state of opening, can be so juicy that addictions and other burdens may fall away more easily. If the art of delight is potent enough, it outstrips other vectors. Factors that add or subtract weight will be discussed. Ascension does not mean leaving this earthly body or realm of physical existence but transforming each moment with clear cutting edge awareness. A form of inner non-logic from the higher brain overrides previous automatic thinking modes. One learns to get a feel for and trust this inner non-logic which can at times feel like jumping out of an airplane. Ascension does refer to what I call the "uprising" a process whereby one ceases to identify with that which blocks healthy energy flow and aligns with that which enhances it, pure love and goodness.

Section 5 - Birthing Planet E
Here I describe a potential avenue for this emerging new consciousness on earth in the teen culture. Hmmm….. how to create a new society of peaceful "prancers" rather that substance addicts and high school dropouts? Hmmmm….how to convert destructive minded teens into a volunteer pool of attentive compassionate helpers? How to operate such a movement upon the principles in this book and in keeping with the art of delight? I chose to create a new-wave-way within a new paradigm for all this to occur and invent a fun language to spread the story. I call this teen program WOW, short for Wee One Watchers. Wee is an old fashioned term meaning very small or very early. Therefore what IS, is forever emerging in the now, in new and wonderful ways. This ever opening aspect of being is very "wee". Wee is always "Watching One"! Wee One Watchers refers to a general concept and a specific teen curriculum of teaching teens to care for younger children, either in their family, for hire or community service. Teens first receive special training to guide them to be fully present with themselves and others, how to communicate peacefully, how to teach reading and special schooling on how to engage playfully, caringly and creatively with wee ones. The motto is: WOW is raising teens to reach and teaching teens to teach.

Summary - The Grand Design
The primary plan, the grand design, is to wake up and realize that we are divine beings… dressed up as humans. We have freedom of choice and the power to create so long as we stay aligned with the will of goodness. We can ascend into the light of pure awareness with its gift of delight or we can descend into the darkness of unconsciousness with its downside of suffering. Every moment is a brand new opportunity to direct our life force either way, for simplicity, up or down. Should we choose to live compacted in constant mental chatter, even with a powerful and sharp mind, our descent may return our body to death sooner, unto the dirt sooner rather than later and painfully so. The equation is fairly simple, when we live in peace with a discipline mind, which comes organically by applying fullness of being moment to moment; we activate the forces of regeneration.

Peace or Santosha, Sanskrit for contentment, is our premier purpose. The leap is to be in contentment, Santosha, even in the midst of turmoil and this action generates higher degrees of trust. Trust knows that this moment, this now and WOW, or not-so-wow-moment is perfect and all is in order. Together let us be clear to make now, WOW, peace, joy and trust most important. Delight is the gift of such a practice. Ready to board Here and WOW? Together we embark on a journey. So blow open your mind, throw overboard any unnecessary weight, and allow the factor of Funlocity to de-cloak your infinite brilliance. Ready?