CharTara's Influential Teachers

A special thanks to Jeff Orrok who assisted with and taught Sharon the technical knowledge she didn't have, and significantly influenced the presentation, which drastically improved the whole aura of the website! Jeff hosts my website and has vast techy knowledge. To contact Jeff, write him at
Jeff@lxvi.net or call 866-LXVI-NET (866-5984-638).

Floyd Taub, M.D. - SUPPORTER
Thank you ever so much Floyd Taub, M.D. for providing me a livelihood for the past 9 years!  You can learn more about the homeopathic product we invented at

Many powerful teachers, and inner guides contributed to my style and methods of teaching, but certainly the most influential mentor in my life has been Jessica Dibb, founder of the Inspiration Community in Baltimore Maryland. Her unwavering courage, creativity and steadfast strength in the face of MAYA (the illusions of life) uprooted my sense of small self repeatedly. Jessica teaches breath, movement, emotional release and much more in private and groups sessions; she holds an ultimate vision of healing for everyone, regardless! In my nearly 20 years of study with her, I professed to want enlightenment in this lifetime. She has a tendency to be like a wolverine on one's tail, it just became easier to give up some of my old stuff than resist! Meaning she is very committed and powerful as a teacher; I am deeply grateful.

Bob Glickstein - YOGA MENTOR
Bob Glickstein, my partner, is the yoga teacher that most helped me transform my own yoga practice which began in 1970 with Kundalini Yoga.  While Bob has a vast knowledge of anatomy and how to operate the physical body without stress or strain, I really think it is Bobís teaching style that makes him so effective at helping others.  He is a very sensitive teacher and delivers his instructions clearly, repeatedly, with humor, insight and compassion.  I am so blessed to share my life at this time with YogiBob!  Private Sessions are offered in Baltimore, MD. or Vero Beach, Florida, depending on Bobís schedule.  Contact him at

Lillah Schwartz
Roger Cole, Ph.D. a yoga mentor and friend sent me to Lillah to receive my formal yoga teacher training. Lillah is widely recognized as one of the most thorough and holistic experts in the field of yoga. Lillah brought Iyengar Yoga to Asheville, North Carolina in 1981 and has operated a yoga center on the main avenue for over thirty years. She has taught thousands of classes, workshops and produced books and videos on everything from the basics of yoga practice to the therapeutic aspects for various types of back injuries including recovery from surgery. She is currently involved in training nurses on how to use yoga to help their patients. Her expertise in spotting and correcting subtle misalignments with her voice or hands provides a true learning experience for the practitioner. I am ultra grateful that I selected Lillah. I obtained a premier education in the totality of yoga including the ancient writings, the history of various types of yoga, the business of yoga and current yoga trends, plus in depth personal empowerment work. I personally grew by leaps and bounds in the year I spent with Lillah. She is personal, warm and fun. I went into the training with a lifetime of chronic anxiety and I came out wiped clean. Wow!

Tania Ortega-Cowan - VOCAL MENTOR
It was under the vocal tutelage of Tania that I discovered the power of my own sound and began to play with the multitudes of ways sound can be healing. Tania is a devotional singer professionally and a lovely and fun person to be with and sing with. During my many lessons with her, there was a feeling of flying, soaring deep into our beings, testing our ears, releasing our throats and just allowing the sound to take us.  Check out her 1940's romantic jazz CD; this woman sings with heart!  

MY MOM & DAD - I was fortunate to have truly supportive loving parents.  My mom was very grounded, always there for me and is one of my best friends.

Sharon is no longer with us, she returned her form to the great cosmos on Jan. 21st 2009.
The WaveDancz website was designed and implemented by Sharon Filetti whom I hold in loving embrace as one of the most amazing friends in my lifetime! I created the WaveDancz artwork and content and Sharon tirelessly donated her time and creativity. Sharon also helped me for years by answering the Taurox hotline, processing, packaging and shipping Taurox orders. She felt so strongly about Taurox’s value she put up cash and found investors to support the Taurox effort; she was 100% supportive day and night. With super zeal and sensitivity, Sharon used her life to transform good to better. Sharon was an accomplished glass and sculpture artist and a strikingly beautiful woman who could talk to animals including her beloved whippets whom she trained to be prize winning runners. Petite and fairy-like, Sharon could walk on her hands. She ran on strong positive currents and as it turned out, her flame passed brightly and quickly. You can enjoy her memory, pictures and artwork at http://www.filetti.org/aboutme.htm. Sharon left me with countless precious gifts, take a look at one of them: pure beauty in glass http://www.filetti.org/girl.htm

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